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        RAVE Mobile Alerts
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        格林威尔张Counseling Services:格林威尔张 748-8312
        格林威尔张Health Services格林威尔张: 748-8141
        格林威尔张Dean of Students:格林威尔张 748-8111
        格林威尔张Director of Residence Life:格林威尔张 748-8186
        格林威尔张Physical Plant:格林威尔张 748-8142
        格林威尔张Director of Security:格林威尔张 748-8186


        The Campus Safety Officer is designated and authorized by the College to maintain the safety and security of the College surroundings. All community members are urged to report crimes in progress, other criminal activity, and suspicious behavior so that investigation and remedial activities can occur in a timely manner. Community members may report emergencies directly to the City of Ripon public safety agencies by using 911 or can report emergencies through the campus emergency extension 8703. It is at the discretion of the caller which number to use. Witnesses of crimes in progress may call 911 to access City Police; 911 also may be used to request an ambulance or the local fire department. Calls reporting incidents or situations that do not require emergency medical assistance or police assistance may be reported using the 920-896-5344 emergency on-call phone that is monitored whenever the College Offices are closed (5 pm – 8 am next business day).

        As examples, reports of suspicious people, deficiencies in door locks or windows, problems with building utilities, minor injuries or requests for escort would be appropriate for the 8703 number (10 pm – 6 am) or the On-Call phone at 920-896-5344.

        格林威尔张Crimes may be reported at the following offices:格林威尔张

        These calls may not necessarily remain confidential.

        • Dean of Students Office: 748-8111
        • Residence Life Office: 748-8186

        Crimes also may be reported to Residence Life?staff. These reports may not remain confidential.

        格林威尔张Physical Address:格林威尔张
        300 W. Seward St. Ripon, WI 54971
        Privacy Policy
        格林威尔张Email:格林威尔张 [email protected]
        格林威尔张Phone:格林威尔张 920-748-8115
        Campus Map