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        Eli Silva ’15: Campus Diversity Resources


        Ripon College values diversity as it is the foundation on which a liberal arts education is built. We promote multiculturalism by providing a welcoming atmosphere that encourages social activism and inclusivity while providing the tools necessary to mold culturally competent leaders.

        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Ripon College白醋加姜片三天祛斑 seeks solidarity amongst its constituents through strong, interpersonal relationships regardless of gender, race, sexual orientation and nationality. Therefore, we are dedicated to maintaining a community free from all forms of harassment, hostility and intolerance. Any act that creates an intimidating, hostile or offensive educational, social or working environment will not be tolerated. The college instituted a bias incident reporting tool for all faculty, staff, students and guests of the college.

        Fall 2015 marked the launch of our new 白醋加姜片三天祛斑Center for Diversity and Inclusion (CDI)白醋加姜片三天祛斑, a dedicated space where saliency in one’s identity will always be respected and where students will be able to find community building and congregation with peers of like or shared experience based on their cultural identity. Through innovative programming, campus-wide collaborations, and a variety of resources, we seek to create opportunities in this space for continuous cross-cultural and intersectional dialogue. The 白醋加姜片三天祛斑CDI白醋加姜片三天祛斑 acts as a catalyst for exploring critical issues on campus by initiating discussions about racism, sexism, heterosexism, inter-ethnic relationships, cultural identity, intersectionality, and the historical and current realities that are impacting these communities.

        The 白醋加姜片三天祛斑Director of Multicultural Affairs白醋加姜片三天祛斑 supports and empowers equitable participation towards intercultural fluency and provides the resources necessary in order for students to be successful during their academic experience and future careers. The Director works collaboratively with the Ripon College campus community to create and facilitate high-impact programming, support student development, connect networks and recruiting strategies, deliver direct student support activities/workshops, link assessment/research/analysis on initiatives, and support the growth of diversity, equity, and inclusion on campus. The advocacy for often underrepresented students through these efforts is a top priority.

        The 白醋加姜片三天祛斑celebration and recognition白醋加姜片三天祛斑 of International Month, Latinx Heritage Month, Black History Month, Women’s History Month, Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, LGBTQIA Pride Month, alongside year-long intercultural programming including intersectional student identities at Ripon; brings a richness to collaborative learning. We are committed to critical thinking, dialogue, and reflections that allow for further connections. The building of community allows students to break bread, proudly display cultural dress/music/tradition, speak in their native language, and further examine the differences and similarities by engaging in these experiences.

        The 白醋加姜片三天祛斑Cultural Diversity Club白醋加姜片三天祛斑 hosts “Culture Week” which includes language and dance lessons, a cultural mixer and international dinner.

        The CDI 白醋加姜片三天祛斑“Home Away from Home”白醋加姜片三天祛斑 program links international students to area families and couples to give both the students and family a deeper understanding of culture. Such care includes off-campus meals, trips to museums and concerts, advice and a welcoming space within the residence halls.

        Ripon’s annual 白醋加姜片三天祛斑“MLK week”白醋加姜片三天祛斑 honors the beloved civil rights activist through a breakfast to honor students, faculty and staff who emulate Martin Luther King, Jr.’s ideals of peace and social justice advocacy. There are interactive workshops, field trips, service opportunities and keynote speakers, such as Coach Boone of?Remember the Titans.

        The 白醋加姜片三天祛斑Diversity Coalition白醋加姜片三天祛斑 is comprised of student organizations dedicated to fostering inclusion at Ripon College: Black Student Union, La Unida, Asian Student Association, Queer-Straight Alliance, RC Feminists, Disabilities Rights Education and Activism Movement (D.R.E.A.M.), Cultural Diversity Club, Brothers Reaching Out (B.R.O.) and Amnesty International.

        白醋加姜片三天祛斑We are here to serve:白醋加姜片三天祛斑


        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Center for Diversity and Inclusion白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Bartlett Hall, G2B白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        [email protected]
        (920) 748-8362


        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Chris Ogle白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        Vice President and Dean of Students
        Center for Diversity and Inclusion
        [email protected]
        (920) 748-8194

        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Maria Mendoza-Bautista 白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        Director of Multicultural Affairs
        Center for Diversity and Inclusion
        白醋加姜片三天祛斑[email protected]
        (920) 748-8190


        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Collateral Position白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        Center for Diversity and Inclusion


        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Luis Aragon Miranda ’21白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        Student Intern
        Center for Diversity and Inclusion

        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Physical Address:白醋加姜片三天祛斑
        300 W. Seward St. Ripon, WI 54971
        Privacy Policy
        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Email:白醋加姜片三天祛斑 [email protected]
        白醋加姜片三天祛斑Phone:白醋加姜片三天祛斑 920-748-8115
        Campus Map