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        Kelsi Morris '22 has the time of her life stacking Frisbees on her head.




        Intramural sports are open to all members of the Ripon College community who are interested in playing sports or maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

        Intramurals are a great way to play a variety of sports without the pressures and commitments of being a member of a varsity team. And, it is usually pretty easy for students to fit intramurals into their schedules — 70 percent of the study body participate in one or more intramural sports.

        Ripon offers a variety of intramural sports seasons throughout the year, including:

        • Aerobics
        • Badminton
        • Basketball
        • Billiards
        • Bowling
        • Dodgeball
        • Flag Football
        • Indoor Soccer
        • Kickball
        • Video games
        • Volleyball
        • Wiffle Ball



        Ripon also offers a variety of single-day tournaments including the Quad Bash, a Field Day with badminton, bubble soccer, kickball, corn hole, washers and more, a Super Smash Brothers tournament, board game night, dodge ball tournament, euchre, billiards, and ping pong.

        Don’t miss the fun!

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