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        From our first graduating class of four women in 1867 — Luthera H. Adams, Harriet H. Brown, Susan A.W. Salisbury and Mary F. Spencer — to today, Ripon alumni have achieved greatness in a variety of fields and industries, and have left an indelible mark on society. It would be impossible to list the many varied accomplishments of all of our 10,000-plus living alumni, so we’ll just list a few.

        For more information on Ripon alumni, search “Ripon College” on LinkedIn or request to join our Professional Network.

        • 古天乐代言的游戏Frank LaFayette Anders ’06古天乐代言的游戏, who received the Congressional Medal of Honor in 1906 for heroic actions on May 13, 1899, during the Philippine Insurrection
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Elda Emma Anderson ’22古天乐代言的游戏, helped develop atomic bomb at Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory in New Mexico; led development of the field of health physics
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Bruno Jacob ’22古天乐代言的游戏, founder of National Forensic League
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Spencer Tracy ’24古天乐代言的游戏, legendary stage and film actor, winner of two Academy Awards
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Ann Ewing ’41古天乐代言的游戏, science writer who coined the term “black hole” in space terminology
        • 古天乐代言的游戏James Megellas ’42古天乐代言的游戏, war hero at Battle of the Bulge in World War II
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Roderick Esquivel ’49古天乐代言的游戏, doctor, professor, politician, former Vice President of the Republic of Panama
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Oliver E. Williamson ’54古天乐代言的游戏 who received a 2009 Nobel Prize in economic science
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Robert McPherson ’57古天乐代言的游戏, opera singer
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Richard Bartel ’58古天乐代言的游戏, economist, Federal Reserve and Bank for International Settlements in Basil, Switzerland
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Jon Wilcox ’58古天乐代言的游戏, lawyer, Wisconsin Supreme Court justice 1992-2007
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Richard Threlkeld ’59古天乐代言的游戏, award-winning international news correspondent, reporter, anchor and bureau chief with tenures at both CBS and ABC News.
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Peter Bock ’62古天乐代言的游戏, expert on artificial intelligence; NASA scientist; engineering and computer science educator at George Washington University in Washington, D.C.
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Al Jarreau ’62古天乐代言的游戏, seven-time Grammy Award-winning jazz musician
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Major General Rudolph Ostovich, III ’63古天乐代言的游戏, MG, US Army (Retired)
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Cheryl Rofer ’63古天乐代言的游戏, Los Alamos national laboratory for 35 years; expert on nuclear topics; CEO of nucleardiner.com
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Harrison Ford ’64古天乐代言的游戏, leading movie actor
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Dick Bennett ’65古天乐代言的游戏, star-athlete turned star-coach at Eau Claire Memorial High School, the University of Wisconsin-Stevens Point and the University of Wisconsin-Madison
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Frances Lee McCain ’66古天乐代言的游戏, movie actress
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Tom Bellfort ’67古天乐代言的游戏, sound editor who has worked on more than 80 films, won an Academy Award and an Emmy Award
        • 古天乐代言的游戏James Reed ’67古天乐代言的游戏, historian, consultant, educator, widely published authority on America’s role in world affairs, active in U.S. State Department’s Fulbright Program
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Rick Kammen ’68古天乐代言的游戏, national criminal defense lawyer
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Merline Thoma Lovelace ’68古天乐代言的游戏, colonel in the Air Force; author of more than 96 novels, with 12 million copies in print in 30 different countries
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Thomas Reinecke ’68古天乐代言的游戏, Rhodes Scholar, nano scientist at Naval Research Laboratory in Washington, D.C.
        • 古天乐代言的游戏William Chester Jordan ’69古天乐代言的游戏, professor of history at Princeton University
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Charles E. “Rick” Estberg ’75古天乐代言的游戏, Department of Defense senior intelligence officer, senior intelligence adviser, NATO, headquartered in Brussels
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Gail Dobish ’76古天乐代言的游戏, opera singer
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Howard Draft ’77古天乐代言的游戏, founder and?CEO of Chicago-based Draftfcb marketing firm, leading marketing expert
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Mark Porubcansky ’77古天乐代言的游戏, foreign correspondent; foreign editor of Los Angeles Times newspaper
        • 古天乐代言的游戏José Miguel Alemán ’78古天乐代言的游戏, lawyer, director of Multibank Inc. and politician in Panama, national undersecretary of government and justice (1991); secretary of state (1999 to 2003)
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Susan Hedman ’78古天乐代言的游戏, Environmental Protection Agency Region 5 administrator
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Dr. Jonathan Muraskas ’78古天乐代言的游戏, leading expert on premature neonatalogy
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Justin Niebank ’78古天乐代言的游戏, winner of Grammy Awards and Country Music Awards as producer, engineer and mixer of music albums
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Jeffrey W. Bantle ’80古天乐代言的游戏, NASA chief flight engineer
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Al Klapmeier ’80古天乐代言的游戏, aircraft developer; former CEO of Cirrus Design; CEO and president of Kestrel Aircraft Co.
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Susan Bundock ’82古天乐代言的游戏, executive director for American History TV at C-SPAN
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Pamela Roe Durham ’82古天乐代言的游戏, director of the Office of Missile, Biological and Chemical Nonproliferation Bureau of International Security & Nonproliferation, U.S. Department of State
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Kevin Sheridan ’82古天乐代言的游戏, entrepreneur; founder of three companies, including HR Solutions International; keynote speaker; New York Times best-selling author; workplace expert on employee engagement and virtual management
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Thomas J. Horvath ’84古天乐代言的游戏, aerospace engineer at NASA Langley Research Center
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Darell Hammond ’96古天乐代言的游戏, founder and CEO of KaBOOM!
        • 古天乐代言的游戏Gail Gitcho ’01古天乐代言的游戏, communications director for political candidates; national press secretary for Republican National Committee; co-founder of McKay-Gitcho Strategies, a political consulting firm